David Jones, artist and poet (1895-1974) begins his PREFACE TO THE ANATHEMATA :

'I have made a heap of all that I could find.' (1) So wrote Nennius, or whoever composed the introductory matter to Historia Brittonum. He speaks of an 'inward wound' which was caused by the fear that certain things dear to him 'should be like smoke dissipated'. Further, he says, 'not trusting my own learning, which is none at all, but partly from writings and monuments of the ancient inhabitants of Britain, partly from the annals of the Romans and the chronicles of the sacred fathers, Isidore, Hieronymous, Prosper, Eusebius and from the histories of the Scots and Saxons although our enemies . . . I have lispingly put together this . . . about past transactions, that [this material] might not be trodden under foot'. (2)

(1) The actual words are coacervavi omne quod inveni, and occur in Prologue 2 to the Historia.
(2) Quoted from the translation of Prologue 1. See The Works of Gildas and Nennius, J.A.Giles, London 1841.

21 November 2013

Melbourne Black

Melbourne was its own self-regarding scene 
last night for the official opening of
Melbourne Black.

This exhibition observes the centenary of Kazimir Malevich's Black Square, Black Circle and Black Cross.

It links Moscow 1913 to Melbourne 2013 with four groupings of black/paint/art/ist/Melbourne :

Late 1960s - early 70s
Ian Burn / Mel Ramsden / 
Paul Partos /Dale Hickey / Peter Booth /
Pinacotheca gallery

1970s - 1980s
John Nixon / Peter Tyndall / Brett Colquhoun /
Art Projects gallery

1980s - present
Raafat Ishak / Tom Nicholson / Marco Fusinato /
Silvana Mangano & Gabriella Mangano / 
BLACK BATS (MELB) /Anna Schwartz Gallery /  
Sutton Gallery

Black Inc / Discipline

Mel Ramsden / Art & Language, Secret Painting,1967-68
The  text reads : The content of this painting is invisible: the character and dimension of the content are to be kept permanently secret, known only to the artist.

The content of this painting is invisible; the character and dimension of the content are to be kept permanently secret, known only to the artist. - See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/noise-in-the-void/story-fn9n8gph-1226711380051#sthash.YsGKTjwd.dpuf       

Ian Burn, Installation photograph for Xerox Books, 
Pinacotheca (St. Kilda), 1969

Paul Partos, Black Screen, 1969

Dale Hickey, Black Painting, 1969
exhibited: Pinacotheca (Richmond),1970, opening Group Exhibition
John Kaldor Art Project 2 - Harald Szeeman Exhibition, NGV 1971  

 Peter Booth, Untitled, 1971 
 collection: National  Gallery of Victoria

John Nixon, Black square, 1984
collection: National Gallery of Victoria

John Nixon, Black square, 1984 :
as projected by Rex Butler in John Nixon: A Communist Artist
first of the Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline : Contemporary Art Lecture Series, April 2013

Peter Tyndall, -1979-
with Puppet Culture Framing System

Peter Tyndall, meta installation at Art Projects, Melbourne, 1980
Brett Colquhoun,  c.1980s  
Brett Colquhoun, Charge 1, 2008

Tom Nicholson, Document from a Banner Marching Project,  
Melbourne 2004, 2007

Tom Nicholson and Raafat Ishak, Proposition for an action for banners and a black cube hot air balloon, 2004

Raafat Ishak, apparition of a miserable acquaintance No.2
Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne 2010

Marco Fusinato, Mass Black Implosion (Maandros, Anestis Logothetis), 2008

Marco Fusinato, Spectral Arrows, Artspace 2012
documentation of durational noise performance

Marco Fusinato, MASS BLACK IMPLOSION: Treatise_Cornelius Cardew, 2013
click image to enlarge  

BLACK BATS (MELB), Border Security : project for an Offshore Australia(n) Pavilion, 2011

BLACK BATS (MELB), umbrellatecture logo, 2011

Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano, Monument for Monument, 2011

Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano, study for Rewind, 2012

Black inc.


A Person Looks At A Work Of Art/
someone looks at something ...